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February 19 2010 6 19 /02 /February /2010 16:36

Time flies and we already missed the chance to wish you all a very happy Losar on time. Anyway the tiger is already jumping around happily and we really wish he will be good to each and every one of you.


This year’s appeal for the 19th butterlamp retreat got a very positive and generous feedback. Quite a few French speaking people made their way here, together with some Germans and a British, making a very harmonious and dedicated group for the retreat. All of you who supported this retreat were very much here with us, while your names were read aloud in the gompa during a tsog break. It was our way to say thank you and to inform everybody how many people were actually part of it.


The pujas started on January 24th with 3600 lamps on both tables of offering. Our 14 lamas together with 12 westerners were lead by Tulku Ugen  in this beautiful and deep process through our everyday ceremonies.


Having been requested, Tulku Ugen accepted to give the wang of Padmasambhava on the last full moon day of the Tibetan year. On that occasion we had a very joyful day together. We then left on pilgrimage to Tashiding for two days. There we could practice in the Guru Lakhang while a temporary lamp house had been prepared. On Dakini day Tulku Ugen got requested to give the lung of the Machig Labdron guru yoga. From this moment the sound of the Machig Mala song was with us till the end of the retreat.

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On February 10th we left to Kachopelri wishful filing lake with the very clear intention to go there pray and make offerings in the name of each member of the sangha, with the very special request to see our Rinpoche back among us soon. The weather was wonderful with a very clear blue sky. We all could practice together in front of the lake. During lunch time Tulku Ugen tied the knots between many many prayer flags, making the wish that all these knots tied together could symbolize the union and harmony of our sangha. Even though there was only a few of us, we were all very aware that each and everyone represented the whole of us as a sangha in this very strong wish and request. Then the flags got hung high in the sky and we completed the lamp offering prayer, before to head back to Tashiding for our last evening.


On February 11th most of us went back to gompa to close the retreat with the last lamps offering. We all arrived exhausted yet so happy and aware to have participated at something very profound. Meanwhile the lamas had prepared the torma for the ritual of Vajrakilaya to be performed on the Gutor’s day. We then decorated the gompa and got ready for the losar which we celebrated on February 14th with great joy while inaugurating the new open air classrooms in presence of Amala. This got followed by much dances and songs and a very delicious late lunch. For the first time in Khordong Byangter Gompa we were more than 40 people to celebrate Losar together as some of the guardians of our monks came to join us together with more westerners. This gave to the day a great feeling of auspiciousness.


Sarwa Mangalam!

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