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June 3 2014 2 03 /06 /June /2014 14:24

Hello everyone.

We have been silent on the blog for a while, but it does not mean nothing happened at Gompa.

First of all Tulku Ugen is getting ready to meet you all soon in Europe. Visa, tickets etc. are all clear. We will come back to each week-end respective programs soon.

Otherwise in Gompa but in disorder here are the latest news.

First of all,  the school which was under construction for the last 12 months has been inaugurated and classes have started. You can see here on the pictures that it brings life in the neighbourhood as it is just adjacent to some parts of the Gompa land.


Close to the guesthouse but away enough from the Gompa and the monk’s quarters.


On the agriculture side, last year rice harvest fed everybody for 11 months, Corn fields fed the cows for quite some time as well and the garden is still on supplying fresh vegetables throughout the year.

The Deers and Dharma wheel on top of the roof had suffered from the weather. They were gold platted originally but most of the gold had gone. So for the time being and to keep them in good conditions they have been gold painted.

On May 13th, Gompa celebrated Vesak day and a lot of people came from around the region, to attend pujah, offer lamps and enjoy the place. A big tsok followed by a nice lunch was offered on the occasion.

To celebrate Saga Dawa, the next important Dharma event of the year, Tulku Ugen and the monks will be releasing fishes on that day. If any of you wish to participate please contact us at  : thechhimedrigdzinsociety@yahoo.com.

Earlier this year an extension of the kitchen was built to protect the generator from the rain and keep it under lock and key. He now sleeps safely and peacefully.


Before the start of the rainy season Tulku Ugen and Shashi managed to realize one of the long discussed project to embellish the gompa and complete it. The laying of checked tiles around the Gompa khora. Last year it was the surrounding and protecting wall with net which could be done. So now with the tiles on the Khora the whole gompa will be completed. There was no allotted budget for this. So if any of you want to participate it will be greatly appreciated and useful. Please let Tulku Ugen know when you meet him or send us a mail.


We also have the cracks in the Stupa which are opening again on the steps. So instead of fixing this every 3 years, a quotation is being prepared to solve this issue once and for all. At the same time a quotation is being prepared to repaint the exterior of the Gompa. It has not been done for many years and it is now greatly needed for the protection of the walls.

And last but not least on the list. Few years back it had been advice to build a small shrine for the local deities in order to tame things around the gompa. The place where the Shrine would be built had been blessed by Tulku Chhimed Gyaltsen  when he visited the Gompa. The shrine is now completed and alive and receive regular offerings on pujah days.


We wish you all a wonderful summer. Filled of beautiful retreats and laughters.

Sarwa Mangalam


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