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A French practitioner from another Sangha came to India to make a retreat for 1 year.She had several occasion to come and spend time at Khordong Byangter Gompa and would like to share these few lines with you.

"The very first time, I passed the Gompa door, it was completely dark because of an electricity cut and, far away, a friend was swinging a light to show me the way.
Laughters were flying off the kitchen so I immediately felt most welcome.
The following morning, a powerful energy seemed to emanate from the surroundings:
a huge pale orange winter sun hanging in a white thick sky, vertical prayer flags floating in the still plain gave the whole scene an eery atmosphere and evoked the charnel ground, palace of dakinis where all concepts are cut sharply, the naked truth.

But Gompaland since became to me a place filled with joy, love and freedom. Spending some time here helps to understand that everything is the mandala, everything is Guru. The most subtle defilements -such as doubt, fear, anger, desire- explode as if under a burning sun but at the same time they can be completely shattered without any judgmental thought and be freed because as CR Lama used to say "everything is perfect".
Painful emotions, happy moments, snakes and kittens all have the same nature.

Gompaland is unique in itself: it is a fully living place for wild and farm animals, western practitioners, villagers and small monks, rice fields, orchards and flowers.  The young monks are so fortunate to benefit from so much space where to grow in harmony with nature. The gompa is also quite self-sufficient as it grows rice, veggies and fruits and get milk too.
The guesthouse even regularly shelters cancer patients from the nearby clinics who undergo chemotherapy. Such a relief for them and their kins to be able to enjoy some peace in the middle of nature, benefit from the pujas and get many blessings.

The scenery is often stunning. At night, millions of tiny lightbugs fill the dark with golden spots with the illuminated stupa in the background. By day, during the monsoon, fields turn suddenly into lakes and paths into rivers where the children play with sun reflections.
Just walking in this beautiful park between 2 sessions of practice, watch birds flying away or farmers working the earth is so relaxing.

Practicing in India seems essential. India is called by Tibetan Buddhists "Noble Land" because it is considered as slightly above samsara. It is said that all Buddhas from the past, present and future will manifest Enlightenment in India.
The energy is such that practitioner improve. Many realized beings meditated here such as Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal and many great Bodhisattvas choose to take rebirth in India.

C.R Lama, in His great love and wisdom gave this very special place to his lineage and students so that they can benefit from the "Noble Land" and improve faster. The conditions for practicing at Khordong gompa are excellent: We can just come, sit and practice. Everything is here! This is extremely rare and precious.
(Especially, for female practitioners in India, how many places such as this one allow us to practice in a respectful atmosphere? Where can ley westerners attend all pujas? Access is often restricted and we are only tolerated as sponsors.)

Rinpoche's presence is so strong at Khordong that I feel I am entering His home as soon as I get off the rickshaw. It is as if there is no difference between His monastery and Him, the whole gompa is C.R Lama, the whole mandala is the Guru.

C.R Lama seems to show that the passing away of a great master only exists in our narrow mind . He is always there and never leaves a single of his students. As promises Padmasambhava, " A Padmasambhava is always standing in front of the one who has faith in me". If we cannot see him, it is only because of our defilements.

Then, as every compounded phenomenon, the physical manifestation of a Guru arises when all the causes and conditions of his coming back are gathered. Most masters insist on one of the main condition of their being among us: devotion.
A harmonious Sangha, Vajra brothers and sisters getting on well together and thus respecting their samayas and devoted students who support their master's activity trustfully are essential because the presence of the master is like the achievement of all sentient beings' loving kindness. Students of holy Bodhisattvas have thus a big responsibility.
The link "tendrel" must be good from beginning to end-everything is interdependent.


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