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August 1 2013 4 01 /08 /August /2013 07:44

After a month of July which had the whole family reunited around Amalha giving her love and care, her condition has improved. We can say that her health is better in the sense she has recovered energy. But she still cannot sit up-right nor move herself in her bed. Amalha still requires constant attention.  

If the situation permits, Tulku Ugen has the plan to come to Europe for a short trip in order to be present at the Rabne of Rinpoche's Stupa in Darnkov on August 26th. He does not intend to stay away from home more than 2 weeks and would rather not commit to any invitation so far in case he needs to cancel this trip as well on a very short notice. Nevertheless if circumstances allow, he has the wish to visit Geneva in Switzerland on the last week-end of August.

Tulku Ugen also very much wish to make it to Estonia for the Inauguration of the Gompa of the Khordong-Byangter lineage over there. But that will very much depend on the final date fixed for the inauguration as for the time being his ticket to Europe is booked to fly back to India on September 8th.

We shall keep you posted in case of any upcoming changes.


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June 27 2013 4 27 /06 /June /2013 15:23

Dear all,

Until this morning Tulku Ugen was getting ready to fly to Europe, to come to visit those of you who had invited him give empowerment and lead week-end retreats.
But as some of you already know, Amalha's health is deteriorating very fast for the past 10 days.

She is now bed ridden, she does not communicate anymore, she barely eats and spends most of her time sleeping with very little reactions to the world surrounding her. Doctors have visited her on regular basis and they confirm that no amelioration should be expected at this stage.

Having care for her all these years together with his wife Shashi and being Amalha's only child being by her side in India, Tulku Ugen is compelled to change his program completely as he may have to face the last rites for her soon.

Please bear with him for the difficulties and disappointments this situation may cause to some of you because of his forced decision to cancel his Tour to Europe for now.

Tulku Ugen is asking you all to kindly make some prayers for Amalha's smooth transition from now on.

We shall keep you informed of any development or further changes.

If you wish to contact Tulku Ugen, you may do so at the following numbers:

Home: +913532581668

HP1: +919933062222

HP2: +919832049416

Shashi: +919933059999


Sarwa Mangalam,


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May 28 2013 2 28 /05 /May /2013 08:27

Schedule :       July 5th - 7th 2013

Venue      :       Ngakpa Rangshar Ling, Haus Schillershabe 3, 77 933 - LAHR, Black Forest

Program  :       Empowerment/Wang

                        Friday 5th          : Green Tara

                        Saturday 6th     : Guru Rinpoche (Big Rigdzin)

                        Sunday 7th        : Dorje Drolo

For further information of the program, please check with Bran O. Hodapp, phone: +49 - (0) 78 21 92 01 28, Email: info@tibet-lahr.de


Schedule :       July 12th – 14th 2013

Venue      :       MUNSTERLAND

Program  :       Empowerment/Wang

                        Friday 12th        : Small Rigdzin – Kuntu Zangpo

                        Saturday 13th  : Guru Rinpoche (Big Rigdzin)

                        Sunday 14th     : The eight manifestations

For further information of the program, please check with Bernhard, phone: +49 157 84619314
Email: burnharders@web.de



 Schedule :       July 19th – 21st 2013

Venue      :       HAMBURG

Program  :       Empowerment/Wang

                        To be confirmed

For further information of the program, please check with Wolfgang, phone: +49 40 846685
Email: ekazati@aol.com

Schedule :       July 26th – 28th 2013

Venue      :       Siddhartha intends Neckarstrasse 12, 12053 BERLIN

Program  :       Empowerment/Wang

                        To be confirmed

For further information of the program, please check with Christian Bräter, phone: +49 176 30701269
Email: christian.braeter@gmx.de



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December 13 2012 4 13 /12 /December /2012 08:08

In memory of the 35 years spent by our Rinpoche, Chhimed Rigdzin  in Shantiniketan and to keep the connection alive, Tulku Ugen had the wish for quite sometimes to introduce the lamas of Khordong Byangter Monastery to Shantiniketan and part of the earlier life of Rinpoche in India. A place where he was known to all and referred as Lamaji, a place where people still remember him and his family very vividly, till today. A place from where he got first connected with westerners.


Over the past 6 years Shantiniketan students came several times in groups of 40 and even more to visit the gompa, sometime even spending a night as guests of the Gompa. These visits were always wonderful moments of cultural exchange between the lamas and the students of Shantiniketan in a mix of dances, songs and poetry.

So this time it was our lamas turn to go to Shantiniketan and then Kolkata, so that it broadens their mind about the world they live in. For many of them it was even their first train ride, so off they went accompanied by Tulku Ugen and the two Australian volunteers.

Shantiniketan is divided in several different schools and our lamas were invited by several of them to share breakfast and lunch with them, engage in cultural exchange, perform in dance classes, taking part in their weekly program, visiting different handicrafts classes and attending prayers at the Brahma temple of Shantiniketan.

For all of them it was a very exciting and eye opening moment and the people of Shantiniketan were overjoyed to meet a group of young lamas who are disciples and monks of CR Lama. Never before such visit had happened at Shantiniketan, so it has been a memorable moment for all.

Next was the discovery of Kolkata, the state capital city of West-Bengal together with the visit of the Planetarium, the Science city, the Zoo, the Botanic garden and at the end the Aquatic Park to make the trip totally memorable.

We believe such trip is very beneficial in the lamas curriculum, very few gompas offer their monks such opportunities within their education program and we are glad it could be done with your support.

Sarwa Mangalam,


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October 26 2012 5 26 /10 /October /2012 09:25

Greetings from India. We have the pleasure to confirm with you that the 22nd Butterlamp retreat for world peace will be held at Khordong Byangter Monastery in India from January 12th to January 31st January 2013.

Those of you, who plan to join us, please send your confirmation and bookings for the rooms. For those of you, who cannot make the trip to India but wish to offer some lamps, please contact us by email at thechhimedrigdzinsociety@yahoo.com .

Please also take note that the Losar celebrations will take place from February 11th, 2013 onwards at the monastery. All of you are welcome to join this festive entrance into the Tibetan New Year.

Sarwa Mangalam,


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October 8 2012 1 08 /10 /October /2012 12:24

Since last June much has happen. As most of you know, Tulku Ugen travelled to Khordong with some members of the sangha and had his 3rd and confirmation dream.




This allows the lineage to move forward into the 21st Century with confidenceSome of you met him on his Tour to Europe and heard it directly from him while attending the initiations program, some of you also saw the film “ Journey to the source” featuring the places of origins of the Khordong Byangter Lineage. For those of you who did not have the chance to see these images yet, you may consider contacting Nathalie Koralnik and Patrice Sammut from Khordong-France as they accepted to look into the distribution of this film.

Meanwhile things have happened as well at Khordong Byangter Monastery. Our main teacher Lopon Yeshe Dorje had to leave for reason of poor health, suffering of bad mouth ulcer and digestion problem.




Despite all the treatments he received here from the best doctors of the region it did not get better, so he finally asked Tulku Ugen permission to leave and go back to Sikkim.

Yeshe Dorje has been replaced by Lopon Ang Choedrak from Takshi Shedra in Gangtok. Khenpo Shanpa Lodro from Khordong, who has been teaching in Kathmandu for the last 10 years is also on his way to strengthen the education team here and put in motion what was discussed this winter in terms of starting a shedra and raising the number of our monks to 50 by the end of 2012

At last but not least, since Mid-August we have two young Australian boys, David and Sean living with us at the gompa and teaching English to our monks and taking part in the daily activities. This is part of a program called “Latitude” which place young native English speaking volunteers around the world to teach English. They will be with us till beginning of December.

Sarwa mangalam,

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September 19 2012 3 19 /09 /September /2012 05:58
We have learned yesterday that Lachen Rinpoche from Sikkim has passed away in Delhi Hospital. He was suffering of cancer for the past few years. His body will be brought back to Gangtok and then to Lachen Gompa in North Sikkim.



Lachen Rinpoche is one of the few Rinpoche's from Sikkim. He dedicated all his life to the propagation of Dharma in Sikkim, being part of the ecclesiastic department for many years but also by conducting Drubchen all over the state of Sikkim, giving public blessings, teachings and initiations.




May his incarnation come back swiftly for the benefice of the people of Sikkim.



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April 23 2012 1 23 /04 /April /2012 18:44

As many of you already know. We are sad to confirm that Gomchen lama from Tashiding past away last week and got cremated at Tashiding on April 18th. Some people say he was 96 years old and was suffering of poor health for the past two years.  Many of you have been touch by Gomchenla’s kindness, clairvoyance, compassion and wisdom. Keep him in your hearts, make prayers and aspiration for his swift rebirth among us.



Sarwa mangalam.

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April 23 2012 1 23 /04 /April /2012 18:06

Chotrul Duchen is always a joyful occasion at Khordong Byangter Gompa. Celebrated on the first full moon of the Tibetan new year.



As  a yearly event it is the day we release live fishes . With the donations gathered along the year,  we could release the equivalent of 200 kg of live fishes this year. We did it early morning as usual, from the nearby dam by the Mahanenda  nature reserve.




Back to gompa we celebrated the day with our usual performance of the Big Rigdzin and before lunch we had great fun celebrating Amalha 90th birthday. Amalha was surrounded by Tulku Ugen, Shashi and Chime who had prepared a wonderful birthday cake.




We all received Amalha’s blessing and shared the cake with her.

At last but not least armed with the colors distributed to each and everyone by Amalha the wildness of Holi celebration started. This year for the first time we played colors with water.




The ground in front of the gompa transformed in a playful and colorful battleground full of joy. Everyone present got happily involved in celebration of this nationwide festival dedicated to Lord Krishna.




See you next year to play colours together !




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February 20 2012 1 20 /02 /February /2012 12:38
Tonight India will celebrate the big festival of Shiva Rathri all over the country, while on February 22nd, the whole tibetan community in China and around the world will celebrate the new year with great joy and auspicious aspirations for all sentient beings over the next 12 months of the tibetan calendar.
We will do same here at the gompa together with the monks and our guests. May all our best wishes be with you in this water dragon year. May you be strong in your practice and in your faith in Rinpoche.
Tulku Ugen Chencho

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