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November 3 2010 4 03 /11 /November /2010 08:20

Last year, the pilgrimage included in the Butterlamp retreat brought us to the famous wish fulfilling lake of Kachopelri in west-Sikkim to make aspiration prayers for the swift return of our beloved teacher. While practicing together at this beautiful and touching place, wishes were made to be given the opportunity to come back for a longer period of time and practice there together.

To celebrate this 20th Butterlamps offering it is Tulku Ugen’s proposal to start the retreat at Khordong Byangter Monastery on December 25th, 2010 and follow the usual practice schedule for the first week, before to embark into an unusual turn of the retreat, to transform it into a retreat dedicated to the recitation of Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche’s swift reincarnation prayer at Kachopelri lake by all participants, with the wish to reach minimum 111.111 recitation of the prayer.




The idea is to do it over a period of 7 days, at a location by the lake, offering 1000 lamps daily and practicing the small Padmasambhava text, together with the aspiration prayer of the lamps, dedicating the rest of the day to the accumulation of Rinpoche’s reincarnation prayer.




To make it a real celebration whoever feels a connection with Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche is invited to take part in the recitation over these 7 days, either here in India or wherever you are at home in Europe or in Asia. The more aspirations the better, all you have to do is count your recitations and email us your result at the end of the period at thechhimedrigdzinsociety@yahoo.com

Once the project is finalized we will inform you of the starting date and we will post Rinpoche’s reincarnation prayer on the blog and the website. Please be sincere and accurate on your accumulation.

We believe that as a group it will be the most meaningful way to celebrate this now traditional butterlamp retreat. Not so much in counting the lamps this time, but more in calling Rinpoche back for the sake of all sentient beings, and in particular his lineage and his disciples.

Let’s see how much we can recite together for our teacher.

Om Soti…




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October 27 2010 4 27 /10 /October /2010 00:00

The celebration of Lhabab Duchen is around the corner and Khordong Byangter Monastery is getting ready. It is one of the four festival commemorating important deeds in the life of the Buddha.

This festival is celebrated to observe the descent of Lord Buddha from heaven where he went at the age of 41 to give teachings to the gods in order to repay the kindness of his mother by liberating her  from Samsara. He returned to earth from the Heaven of the thirty three with the help of the god Viswakarma who prepared for him a special triple ladder.


On Lhabab Duchen the effects of positive or negative actions are multiplied ten million times. It is part of Tibetan Buddhist tradition to engage in virtuous activities and prayers and this day.


Tulku Ugen together with the monks will start the celebration on October 29th, 2010, with the performance of the Big Rigdzin practice and then in the afternoon the texts that have been given to the monastery at the last Nyingma monlam will be open and part of them will be read continuously for the next four days. This texts comprise the Nyigma Gyubum, the Kangyur and the Tengyur.


These prayers will be dedicated to the swift return of our teacher Terton Tulku Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche and to the prosperity of the sangha, to the various gompa related to him and to his lineage.

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October 26 2010 3 26 /10 /October /2010 13:48

A French practitioner from another Sangha came to India to make a retreat for 1 year.She had several occasion to come and spend time at Khordong Byangter Gompa and would like to share these few lines with you.

"The very first time, I passed the Gompa door, it was completely dark because of an electricity cut and, far away, a friend was swinging a light to show me the way.
Laughters were flying off the kitchen so I immediately felt most welcome.
The following morning, a powerful energy seemed to emanate from the surroundings:
a huge pale orange winter sun hanging in a white thick sky, vertical prayer flags floating in the still plain gave the whole scene an eery atmosphere and evoked the charnel ground, palace of dakinis where all concepts are cut sharply, the naked truth.

But Gompaland since became to me a place filled with joy, love and freedom. Spending some time here helps to understand that everything is the mandala, everything is Guru. The most subtle defilements -such as doubt, fear, anger, desire- explode as if under a burning sun but at the same time they can be completely shattered without any judgmental thought and be freed because as CR Lama used to say "everything is perfect".
Painful emotions, happy moments, snakes and kittens all have the same nature.

Gompaland is unique in itself: it is a fully living place for wild and farm animals, western practitioners, villagers and small monks, rice fields, orchards and flowers.  The young monks are so fortunate to benefit from so much space where to grow in harmony with nature. The gompa is also quite self-sufficient as it grows rice, veggies and fruits and get milk too.
The guesthouse even regularly shelters cancer patients from the nearby clinics who undergo chemotherapy. Such a relief for them and their kins to be able to enjoy some peace in the middle of nature, benefit from the pujas and get many blessings.

The scenery is often stunning. At night, millions of tiny lightbugs fill the dark with golden spots with the illuminated stupa in the background. By day, during the monsoon, fields turn suddenly into lakes and paths into rivers where the children play with sun reflections.
Just walking in this beautiful park between 2 sessions of practice, watch birds flying away or farmers working the earth is so relaxing.

Practicing in India seems essential. India is called by Tibetan Buddhists "Noble Land" because it is considered as slightly above samsara. It is said that all Buddhas from the past, present and future will manifest Enlightenment in India.
The energy is such that practitioner improve. Many realized beings meditated here such as Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal and many great Bodhisattvas choose to take rebirth in India.

C.R Lama, in His great love and wisdom gave this very special place to his lineage and students so that they can benefit from the "Noble Land" and improve faster. The conditions for practicing at Khordong gompa are excellent: We can just come, sit and practice. Everything is here! This is extremely rare and precious.
(Especially, for female practitioners in India, how many places such as this one allow us to practice in a respectful atmosphere? Where can ley westerners attend all pujas? Access is often restricted and we are only tolerated as sponsors.)

Rinpoche's presence is so strong at Khordong that I feel I am entering His home as soon as I get off the rickshaw. It is as if there is no difference between His monastery and Him, the whole gompa is C.R Lama, the whole mandala is the Guru.

C.R Lama seems to show that the passing away of a great master only exists in our narrow mind . He is always there and never leaves a single of his students. As promises Padmasambhava, " A Padmasambhava is always standing in front of the one who has faith in me". If we cannot see him, it is only because of our defilements.

Then, as every compounded phenomenon, the physical manifestation of a Guru arises when all the causes and conditions of his coming back are gathered. Most masters insist on one of the main condition of their being among us: devotion.
A harmonious Sangha, Vajra brothers and sisters getting on well together and thus respecting their samayas and devoted students who support their master's activity trustfully are essential because the presence of the master is like the achievement of all sentient beings' loving kindness. Students of holy Bodhisattvas have thus a big responsibility.
The link "tendrel" must be good from beginning to end-everything is interdependent.


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September 19 2010 1 19 /09 /September /2010 17:30





Today we are happy to announce that the 20th Butterlamp retreat will be taking place from December 25th, 2010 to January 14th, 2011. You are of course all very warmly invited to join the retreat to offer 111 111 lamps


So far we have confirmation of a few persons who wish to sponsor the expenses of the Dalda (butter) but that shall cover half of it only. If you wish to participate financially to make this 20th Butterlamp retreat possible, please contact us directly.


Regarding the accomodation, as you may already know the gompa has a 10 rooms pilgrim's house to receive you. The allowance of the rooms is made on a first come first served basis and it can be confirmed through e.mail.


Price wise, the cost of the retreat should be similar to last year, but we are still working on it and it shall be confirmed to you soon. Meanwhile you can check last year's price list on the website.


Looking forward to hear from you soon,




All is good...



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September 9 2010 5 09 /09 /September /2010 10:52

Today we are sad to inform you that our dear old Jacky is gone. Many of you know him as he has been garding and battling around the gompa for the past ten years with great tenacity. He always was free to go wherever he wanted but always chose to stand by the gompa. In his last few days he was so much full of energy that everybody shared the thougth that he migth live for another couple of years, but in fact it was like his last parade.

He ended his life under one of the palm tree in front the gompa and left peacefully in his sleep.

Our lamas gave him a warm fairwell and performed some pujahs with good wishes for his next life.



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July 25 2010 1 25 /07 /July /2010 00:00

On a spontaneous idea from Antoine and Mariam the Test Games 2010 were started. They planned, organized and prepared the competition with the support of Tulku Ugen and the help of the residents.

During three days, all Khordong Byangter monastery members have taken part in the Test Games.


Blue Team



The players, who were divided in four teams of four players were carrying each their own coloured  flag. They challenged each other in Sports and Entertainment activities such as swimming competition, athletics, bag race, rope pulling, General knowledge and Dharma Quizz.





The whole Test Games were built with an educative purpose to force the participants to elaborate strategies, develop strong team spirit and enhance the competitive drive of all participants, while maintaining a fair play attitude.





At the end of those three days of intense and joyful competition the yellow team led by Passang and composed of Jigme, Dawa Norbu and Rigdzin came out as the over whole winner by far.Please see the photos.





To close the Test Games 2010, the prices were handed over on the auspicious day of  the commemoration of Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche's Birthday. The first price was a beautiful Globe and watches for all the team members. Everybody cheered the winning team and wished to renew the experience next year. 

The organizing committee especially thanks Tulku Ugen Chencho Lama for being the Chief Guest of the games and Nathalie who was named referee without a chance to say no, as well as Om the English-Nepali official translator.

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July 18 2010 1 18 /07 /July /2010 12:11

The rain has arrived a few days ago. Nights after nights of rain have transformed the surrounding here.




The new drain system helps contains some of it but it is still not enough. The main road is once again transformed in a river with a strong current of water coming from the surrounding fields.





The pond is completely full to the delight of the children and small fishes and frogs can be seen everywhere. It is festival time for the plants, trees and any kind of overgrowing greeneries, while flocks of green parrots cross the sky with a strident cry and the first teals turn around whistling. The air is of course heavy and wet but the nature and the skies are wonderfully beautiful. Here comes the time of the monsoon and the plantation of rice. The fields behind Rinpoche's Stupa are being prepared with the buffalos and women have already started planting the rice.





Two of the guests present at the moment had the chance to give it a try  and enjoyed it greatly. Please see the photos.

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July 11 2010 1 11 /07 /July /2010 00:00

After the diversions of June's various festivals, Monks have taken back their usual daily routine of bringing the cows out early in the morning, morning pujah, breakfast and class until lunch time and then afternoon class, followed by afternoon pujah, bringing back the cows to their shelters for the night and homework to finish it all up.


But some good time is still up in the air. After a quick 3 hours sleep, everybody wakes up at 11pm ready to enjoy another kind of  worldwide festival, we are talking here about football.





All the monks here became strong supporters of the German team, wishing to win their first World cup through the qualities of their favourite team.





Last night they were all painted up to the colors of the German flag and fully awake and prepared to see their team being qualified for the final.


I let you imagine their sadness and disbelief at the end of the match. The party is over.

But we still enjoy a last game of international football for the final on Sunday.


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July 10 2010 7 10 /07 /July /2010 11:35

On July 4th we received the sad news about the passing away of Maciej Grzeszczuk from Poland.


To honor the memory of his deep devotion for Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche and his precious commitment to see Darnkov gompa project start and come off the ground despite arduous conditions during the early stages,


Tulku Ugen requested 1000 lamps to be offered in his name together with the recitation of Zangdopalri monlan, Zangchod monlam and Nangwa Thayae monlam by the young monks of Khordong Byangter Monastery, lead by Lopon Choewang on July 5th.




It was a nice occasion to talk about him and remember him from the depth of our hearts while making aspiration for him to have a peaceful journey through the bardo and that he can meet his Guru soon and learn from him again the precious Dharma.


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June 28 2010 2 28 /06 /June /2010 13:27
To celebrate the succes of this 8th Paranirvana celebration of Terton Tulku Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche, Tulku Ugen asked everyone to assemble in front of the retreat house and announced his happiness and happiness of all, for this very happy and auspicious day. He highligthed his happiness to have witnessed the dedication of the small monks, who had worked for two days under scorching sun, to erect the prayer flags with their tender hands. How they had been cheerful even at a slightest command from him or from Khandro Sashila or Lopon Chewangla. Really, we all felt that our small family is growing stronger and more dedicated.
To celebrate this, a full day of fun and excitement at Saving Kingdom (water fun park) near Siliguri was organised for the entire khordong family. See Photo.

For the whole afternoon splashing water, swimming, sliding, having fun and some good food were enjoyed.
Tulku Migmed also joined with Mumta, Neelam(both Sashi’s sisters) and Paljor (mumta’s husband), Antoine, Mariam and Nathalie. Our Lopon was the most afraid about water along with our new member, the young Sonam.
But they were soon to be seen most splashing water and taking fun. It went on this way until late and everybody went back to the monastery in a joyful mood and tired of the waves.
It was another day of celebration for the khordong familly.

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